Trump Hollywood Custom Flash Floorplans

Clients Review: 5 Stars

Trump Hollywood Custom Flash Floorplans Screenshot

5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client

“Ken is just an amazing asset.He completed the job in less than 4 days, even working late into the early morning hours to meet the deadline. I am so impressed by his work ethic and the quality of what he produced. He clearly is an amazing FLASH programmer to finish the task so well, and so quickly. He is courteous, communicative, asks all the right questions.We will definitely use him again.”

Trump Hollywood Custom Flash Floor-plans

As construction was underway for the famed Trump Hollywood 2711 S Ocean Drive, Hollywood Beach, FL condos – I was called upon – by a top notch development company in Hollywood – to put together a floor-plan viewing application, so that potential buyers could get a good look at the layout for each luxurious condo.

I am honored to have worked on such a project with these professionals.

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This flash floor plan interactive allows the prospective occupant to view the layout in multiple ways.
By allowing the user to select the footprint and or the detailed list item, they can quickly become oriented to the buildings layout. By selecting the footprint of interest, they can then zoom in and pan to get better details.

This application also features PDF blue print pop ups that can easily be printed, saved or emailed.

The client was very happy with this application.


  • Custom Actionscript 3 (AS 3.0) Programming
  • Zoom – Slide Zoom, Scroll Wheel Zoom, Zoom reset
  • Mouse Panning
  • XML data details for easy maintenance down the road.
  • PDF Popup
  • Interactivity and Mini-footprint
  • External SWF footprints for easy maintenance down the road

Skills used in this project:

  • AS 3.0 Programming
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Blueprints to PDF conversion
  • Blueprints to SWF conversion
  • PSD to Flash graphics conversion


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