Southeast Health District of Georgia – Database Application


Clients Review: 5 Stars

5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client5 Star Rating From Client

Clients Review: “Ken’s programming skills are excellent. My client loved the complete system that he developed from scratch.
It is a comprehensive database system integrated into a website.

Some of the features included – user account and record creation, administrative approval of account, account log-in, record viewing and reporting, individual and bulk e-mailing with attachments and more.”

Southeast Health District of Georgia Database Application – Complete User Sign Up, Email Verification Accepted Registration, CAPTCHA verification, Database Management System

Complete User Database Management System, With e-mail sign-up, 3 tiered Registration Application Verification Process, CAPTCHA protection, Admin and User Managed Editing and updating of records. Built with PHP and MySQL on the CODEIGNITER framework. This complete database user management system is highly functional, intuitive and scalable.

 Visit the live site:

For user name and password access to a sample of this full database members site – contact me


  • User Registration
  • Email messages to users – bulk or individual
  • Email file Attachments
  • Encrypted User email verification, Admin notification
  • Full users listing, sorting and display from Admin panel
  • View/Delete/Edit of existing members
  • Send Email to sorted results, groups or individuals
  • Intuitive JQUERY pop-up, One Click edit and save Admin features
  • 3 tiered Registration Application Process – (Form Registration With CAPTCHA Verification) – (Email Address Verification Processes) – (Administrative Level Human Notification and Approval)
  • Encrypted email verification process
  • Admin notification
  • Multiple sign in control
  • CAPTCHA verification
  • Encrypted cookies
  • One Click JQUERY pop-up Admin approval/review window
  • Complete form validation, with hints, CAPTCHA and JQUERY animation.
  • Users update own information
  • Requests for email password change, reset after specified hours limit
  • Brute force log in prevention

Skills used in this project:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Database Design
  • CODEIGNITER framework
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Dreamweaver
  • FTP
  • MySQL Admin
  • Server Side Set-up of programming structures and files


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