Custom Database Application For A Truck Part Manufacturing Company

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Custom Database Application For A Truck Part Manufacturing Company

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  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Database
  • Detailed Search
  • Dynamically Generated Content
  • Custom Back-End Admin Content Management System (CMS)
  • Templates to allow Web Designer To Edit
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Advanced PHP
  • HTML formatted text, external CSS driven text styles
  • CodeIgniter Framework

Tools used in this project:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • MySQL
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Server side setup and configuring

A High-end, truck part manufacturing company in Canada, Hired me to create a custom database application, that would allow their staff to enter products and details into a database back-end. These details could then be available for their customers, to search and browse, at the front-end website. This custom made database application has been created to exact specifications, atop the highly sophisticated CodeIgniter PHP / MySQL framework.

Front-End / Products:

As you can see, the application displays categories to browse. These categories are dynamically displayed, based on the information entered in the database. The customer can simply select a category of interest, then make selections specific to their vehicle. These choices help the customer narrow down their search, to items that are only relevant to their vehicle.

The customer can also simply continue to browse the whole category selection, without any vehicle specifics.  The product listing page, then displays all available products of that category, in an easy to read list. Conveniently, the category image thumbnails, found on the first page, are converted to a text sub-menu on the product listings page, allowing the customer to easily select another category of product any time they like. The product listings quick views details, display in a scrollable list, giving the customer enough details to determine if they would like to see more information about that product. Product count and page number are displayed as well.

It is interesting to note, that this application displays information dynamically – meaning, what is displayed, is based solely on what is entered in the database. If new items are added to the database, they will instantly show up for the customer to view. Ken Dawson used his 17 years of experience to help the companies Web-designer through the process of adapting dynamic code to their CSS and layout. Creating custom templates for them, allowing the Web-Designer to easily maintain and control the look and feel of the original design.

Intelligent programming, builds logic into the application, that assists the user and client staff, by attaching relative information – such as product part number – into communication such as email.
Creating clear communication from the customer, allowing the clients staff to address the customers questions concisely.

Product thumbnail and large views, are also dynamically adjusted, based on the number of images available for that product.
Relative products, such as Matching Bumper Insert, or Combo Packs, are also displayed based on product relationships created in the custom back-end admin panel, that you can view in the demo video.

I tried to program this application with intuitive logic, giving the application autonomy. Allowing the application to choose the details to display, relevant to the product type, and details entered in the back-end admin panel.
No need to have you Web Designer create pages and pages of different information and layout, as the application will intelligently decide what content to display, and how to display that content.

Important information, such as product fit, are sampled from the database, and displayed clearly to the customer. Ensuring the customers satisfactory experience with the clients website.
Similar logic is employed with images, and PDF installation instructions. Using the part number to maintain an association, between the data, media, and these parts. Ensures that the clients staff, can always keep these organized in the future, without any assistance from a programmer.

I programmed JQUERY tactfully, utilizing it to maintain a reasonable view in the layout. In cases where large amounts of details – such as in the case when a part may fit multiple vehicles – would take up too much room, JQUERY conveniently folds this content away, allowing the customer to expand or hide such details.

Included in this custom built application, is a highly functional search feature, as well as a straightforward part number look-up. Should a dealer want to look up a specific product , all they need to do is enter the part number into the search window, and they will be taken directly to that parts details page. The detailed search feature, allows the customer to search very specifically to their vehicle. Selections for vehicle make, model, year and trim, are made available, based on what is existing in the database. As you see, after the selected criteria has been searched, product categories are displayed, relative to that search only. The customer can then brows all categories specific to the entered search values, for their vehicle.

Back-End Admin Panel:

The client requested a simple back end admin panel that would allow their staff to enter, display, and edit product details. The admin panel consists of two sections. One for viewing or editing existing products, and one section for adding new products. The List, edit products section, provides a number of ways to browse, search, and edit existing products.

A part number can be looked up, Or, the client can filter by vehicle details – much like in the front end customer search area. Individual records can then be edited, or deleted. Once saved, the changes will immediately show up in the front end customer area. You can see that all of the vehicle specific information, is available for the admin to select. Pertinent details can be selected for each product, and vehicles that are associated to that product. Custom notes about products, can be displayed on the front end products page, by entering them here.

A new product can be added by entering a new part number. The application checks this number, against existing product numbers in the database to prevent duplication. Related product associations, such as the Matching Bumper Insert, or Combo Packs – are made by selecting a related product number. All vehicle and product specific details can be added in the Admin Panel.

The client requested special interface animations, that provide visual cues for the staff entering these products. Clearly showing how vehicles are associated to the specific product. A method of, “pinning”, these vehicles to the product record, helps ensure clarity when entering these to the database.

Should you wish try this application, or any other of mys custom database applications, or if you have any questions – please feel free to contact Ken Dawson any time at,

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