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Leading Edge Website – INCLUDING 1 year hosting – for only $1640

Get your business online today! With a Highly functional, leading edge, responsive, professional WordPress CMS.
Your content and logo, uploaded, installed, setup, and customized (up to 5 regular pages) – AND including Web Hosting for 1 year – the whole package for only $1640. If you already have web hosting, then the whole package is only $1520.

Recommend Theme Forest Screen-ShotMany of my clients are either just beginning and without any website at all, or simply looking to renew their existing website. They are looking for a structure for their website that they will be able to use as a business front, and a foundation to build up from.

These clients are usually thinking about Color Schemes, logo usage, Social Network links, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email contact pages, shopping carts, credit card payment methods (just to name a few) and of course – a beautiful layout with some eye catching functionality or animation.

Mostly, clients have seen some website(s) that have features or a look that they like, and want their website to be similar or to have the same functionality as these other websites they have seen. Quite often, after first talking about layout, color and other basic needs, the very next thing they ask me is…

“Will I be able to update my Website myself? Or, will I have to hire someone like you every time I want something changed?”

My response is typically, “Have you heard of WordPress?”


As clients vary, so too does their understanding of the Internet. Some clients will ask me about Content Management Systems or use the acronym “CMS“. And most have the understanding that a CMS means, they can edit their own website content.

It seems clear – the understanding about a CMS is – If you want to edit a few basic things on your website, text, pictures etc. You can just go ahead and do it, without having to hire a technical person each time. Obviously, not having to pay money to simply change a line of text on your own website is a good idea, and frankly, why would you need a computer programmer to do that?


Computers, and computer programmers are supposed to make our lives easier, not more expensive and time consuming.

Enter the CMS.

So, I guess a bunch of programmers got together and said, “Hey, let’s make it easy for someone to change the text on their website.” After a few years and many bumps on that road, you now have some very solid, well tested and field proven Content Management Systems – like  WordPress for example.

There are many CMS’s, and I have used, programmed, installed, tweaked, debugged and customized a number of them. I am not knocking or disapproving of any other CMS’s here. I am just providing good reasons for using WordPress.

For example…

Theme Forest WordPress Templates
Theme Forest WordPress Templates

take a look at what WordPress Templates can make your website look and function like.

Wow! Are those some beautiful and functional website templates or what?

I can set one of these up for you… Highly functional, leading edge, responsive, professional WordPress CMS, with Your content (up to 5 regular pages) and logo, uploaded, installed, setup, and customized – AND including Web Hosting for 1 year – the whole package for only $1640. If you already have web hosting, then the whole package is only $1520.

There are approximately 60, 000, 000 WordPress websites. Since they began in 2001 WordPress has become so popular and so widely used, that you have many many people working on all parts of WordPress all of the time. You have designers and developers creating layout and functionality in templates that are truly leading edge. The best designers, developers and programmers are all continuously contributing to the open source language and structure that is WordPress. This has all created a huge WordPress community and endless help groups, blogs, widgets, plug-ins, business tools and free resources. It is well known, that if some technology is popular on the internet, it typically gets better and better over time, as all of the bugs and kinks are worked out of it during its wide usage and constant evolution.

And by using this open source CMS – you effectively have thousands of top developers, programmers and designers all working for YOU.  This is the beauty of popular open source CMS’s.

Here are just a few tips to help you decide if you need a Content Management System for your Web Business

Do I need a CMS for my website?

If you answer “Yes” to these questions, I would say it is reasonable to suggest that you use a Content Management System:

  • Do you want to be able to change text and or pictures on your website yourself, or have a member of your staff do it for you?
  • Do you expect to change text and or pictures relatively often?
  • Do you want to “Blog” about your business? (a good way to generate traffic to your website)

Will I be able to easily use WordPress myself?

I am always straight-up with people when they ask me about Content Management Systems, and their user-friendliness. You need at least “some computer skills“. I usually make the analogy of using Microsoft Word. If you can handle creating a word document, you can edit some text or change an image on your WordPress site.

If you answer “Yes” to these questions, I would say it is reasonable to suggest that you will be able to make regular edits to your WordPress site without any problems:

  • Are you or one of your staff members capable of typing and editing the text and images like on a Microsoft Word document?
  • Do you think you understand that having the ability to change some text or an image via a CMS, does not give you the capability to program or change the larger structure of your website – and that would be best to hire someone for.


The gist of it is – Although there is sometimes good reason to start from scratch when building your online business website, in most cases we don’t need to re-write the wheel every time. Content Management Systems, Templates and plug- ins do provide us with a stable foundation from which to grow. Having a qualified Web programmer Developer install, configure and customize your WordPress and or CMS templates, is the fast-track to success with a CMS.

If you are looking for a template or ideas for your website, or if you just want to see whats new and hot in design and functionality – I highly recommend you browse the templates on . If you find something you like, feel free to contact me to install and customize it for you.



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