Custom Kennel Software – PHP/MySQL Database Applications – Programmed by Ken Dawson


Clients Review:

Thank you so much for all your hard work.  We really appreciate how far we have come with this.  I never would have imagined two years ago that we would be headed in this direction with an application today.  And I have personally learned so much about the possibilities, that are pretty much endless. The application is working great.  We are very happy with the way things are going for the future.”

Custom Kennel Software – PHP/MySQL Database Applications – Kennel Booking Management System

A popular kennel in Canada, asked me to create their custom kennel management software. The client wished to Track key details about the owners, pets, and day to day activity in their kennel. The clients customers rely on them to take good care of their pets. Having readily available, all the details relative to the pets health, diet, and happiness, is key to the success of a kennel business. I worked closely with the client, to program specific kennel needs into the software. The end result, is a robust, unique, intuitive, user friendly and rich application, Helping the client and their staff, to manage and track all aspects of the daily activities, associated with running a very busy dog and cat kennel. Complete Kennel Management System, with admin managed editing and updating of owners, and their pets records. Built with PHP and MySQL on the CODEIGNITER framework. This complete database user management system is highly functional, intuitive and scalable.

For user name and password access to a sample of this full Custom Kennel Software Application – contact me


  • Endlessly scalable and Update-able platform – PHP / MySQL / CODEIGNITER
  • Full customer /pet listing, sorting and display from Admin Panel
  • Add / View/ Delete /Edit of Customers and their pets
  • Intuitive JQUERY pop-up, One Click edit and save Admin features
  • Admin multilevel privileges
  • Image Uploads
  • Inline editing of lists / add / edit / delete / lists within
  • Basic Search
  • Advanced detailed search
  • Sorted Owners lists, sorted pets
  • Flagging mechanisms for alerts
  • “Recently open files” tabs
  • Date stamp notes
  • Google Maps address and directions look-up
  • “Edit anywhere” forms (all details can be edited in any view)
  • Limitless pets
  • Search, Browse, or toggle between owners
  • Pet Profile images, with date notice
  • Print details to paper
  • Auto save
  • Vaccination date expiration notifications
  • Dynamic Clinic lists, with contact details
  • Grooming images with browse “Zoom In” features
  • Arrival / Departure calendar date selection
  • Animal behavior notices
  • Feeding instructions / Medical instructions
  • Personal Belongings Images and notes
  • Email customer
  • System User Management

Skills used in this project:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • Database Architecture
  • CODEIGNITER framework
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • FTP
  • Server Side Set-up of programming structures and files

More details:
The customer screen, keeps track of all the details of the owner, as well as basic details about each owners pets. Conveniently, owners records that have been recently opened, are clearly listed at the top, and are opened with one click. Or, a double click of these icons, will take you directly to the visitors screen, opening that specific owners pets details.

The quick search function, will search the database by customer last name. As you can see, much like with Google search, results are returned as you type.
When your search text has narrowed the results down to only 1 possible result, the software will conveniently fill the owner details form, with that result.
You can also do a partial search, and scroll the results, selecting the owner that you want.

The owner results list, displays the owner by last name, along with their pets names, pet Species, and also icons, indicating the pets vaccination status, at a glance.
This is helpful to alert the staff that an incoming pet, may not yet have had its vaccinations.

The advanced search feature, will search all fields for a result. You can search by pets name, address, notes, or any other input criteria.

All details about the client can be edited at any view in this application. Email links are available, and driving notes. As with all notes in this application, a time stamp can be added to any note.

Clicking the Driving icon, the customers address is instantly searched in Google, connecting the clients business address, and presenting helpful routing directions for pick-up and drop-off of pets.

There is room for clients notes, and the application will auto-save changes, or the manual save button can be used.

Clicking the view pets button, will take you directly to the visitors screen for that owner.

In the visitors screen, you can see that the recently opened client files, are once again easy to access.

One can toggle between owners, via these open records icons, and there is also a browse feature, where you can simply step through each client in the database.

The owner details can be edited in this view as well. Just like on the previous screen.
JQUERY is used – to tuck some of the owners details away – making more room for pet information. The auto save actions, are also employed here.

Each of the owners pets have their own tab, and an unlimited number of pets can be added. Each pet has their own profile picture, and this picture can be deleted, or renewed, and the upload date of each image, is displayed to the software user. Pet details include, name, species and size, breed, birth date, sex, and reproductive status. It is interesting to note that the breed list, can be edited in place. Adding new breeds, editing existing breeds, correcting spelling and deleting, can all be done within the breed list, at any time. Any pet can be placed in an archive mode, by those with admin log-on privileges. This merely disables further editing of that pet. So not to confuse.

Each pet has their own notes and vaccinations, Grooming, and boarding tabs. The notes and vaccinations tab, keeps track of critical health details regarding each pet, specifically.
The dates for vaccination type are tracked, and red text is used to alert the software user, when a vaccination has expired. An override check-box, allows admins to disable the notice, should they choose.

Vet clinic details are stored much like the breeds. But allowing for additional information, such as contact details, per each entry. Like the breed list, the vet clinic list, is also editable in place. New vet clinics can be added as you search, they can also be edited, or deleted directly in the list. A field for Doctors name, and notes, with the “time stamp” feature, are also useful here.

The pets “grooming tab” also contains fields for notes, from both the Client, and groomer. Helping to keep track of special information for that specific pet, and any owner requests. Grooming images are a good way to remember details about each pet. Specific styles, physical attributes, and medical conditions that you may want to be careful about, can be displayed here. You can browse through images, and select the large view. As you can see, the ability to zoom right in on the pets images, can really provide clear and fine details. This is all terrific for personalized care of each pet.

The “boarding” tab, stores details needed to properly care for the pet in the kennel. This particular kennel, used “outdoor” signs, to notify their staff of behavioral traits of each pet. These signs are emulated here, and hung outside the pets enclosure. The client also wanted to take measures to prevent the destruction of their expensive dog beds. The importance of knowing if a pet can play with other animals, is crucial. All of these very important details, can be printed, and hung outside each pets bunk.

Arrival, and departure dates are selected here, using a convenient popup calendar. And there are plenty of fields available for entering detailed feeding, and medication instructions. The boarding section also provides an area for personal belonging notes, and even a picture of those belongings. We wouldn’t want any pets going home without their favorite chew toy, or blanky, : ) These images can be updated for each visit, if necessary.

The, system users tab, simply provides a means of managing those who use the kennel software. User privileges and details, can be updated or deleted here.

Thank you for taking the time to review these details.

Should you wish to try this application, or any of Ken’s custom database applications, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ken, any time at, info at kendawson dot CA.